Saturday, February 11, 2017

Favorite Series

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Vampire Diaries 

Vampire Diaries is my favorite show about the two Salvatore brothers who live in a small town called Mystic Falls. The two boys Stefan and Damon have been causing trouble traveling around the world for two hundred years after getting turned into vampires by Katherine Petrova.  Both brothers were madly in love with her and hide the secret that she was a vampire. After moving back to there home town they met Elena Gilbert, Katherine's doppleganger an identical person that isn't related in any way. Elena's parents died in a car crash and only Elena survived because Stefan saved her. Stefan decides to go back to high school and gets really close to Elena. Meanwhile Damon is off being a a bad boy who does bad things for fun. Elena has two best friends Bonnie Bennett a powerful witch and Caroline Forbes a vampire turned by Damon and killed by Katherine. Elena also has a younger brother Jeremy who is going through depression because of his parents death. The original vampires arrive later on and everything is a mess in Mystic Falls. Stefan leaves town and Damon and Elena get really close. Later Elena is forced to become a vampire and is sired to Damon because it was his blood which was in her. There soon becomes a lot of tension between Stefan and Damon when he returns because of this. Elena eventually leaves Stefan to be with Damon. Stefan grows to hate Damon in later seasons. Vampire Diaries aired in 2008  and just ended a week ago. I suggest this show, it is definitely worth the time you should watch to find out what happens next.

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